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The most untold and unspoken-of happening in the VC world.


The only VC experience in the world and the first of it's kind that provides support in Capital Raise, CorpDev, Marketing, Tech & Exec Talent, and Market Development. Saving you months if not years of time and cost. Adding value beyond any other VC, hedge fund, accelerator / incubator programme.

You will only hear about it after its already done.

Or you are lucky enough to have landed on this page to know all about DSRPTD 2023.

27 - 29 October 2023, Dubai

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From getting oversold on launchpads, and oversubscribed in investment rounds, to synergistic commercial partnerships, acquiring and expanding into international markets, to listing on exchanges, as well as making it into the news.
We don't make winners.
We accept them.

Cointelegraph, Block Tides, Coin Edition , Forbes, Crypto AM, CoinVoice, DeFiance Media, among other press leaders are DSRPTD Media, News, and PR partners.

DSRPTD is home to some of the leading and biggest press names.

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It's worth knowing what you are getting into.
So please watch carefully and wisely


The biggest names in the industry tweeting, tagging, mentioning, and posting they have been there


Block / Square, Visa, Skybridge, ByteDance's Tik Tok, Swiss Borg, OKX, Crypto Valley Labs, Standard Chartered, Roland Berger, PwC, Grant Thornton, among others have made it to DSRPTD

How Is It Like 2 B @ DSRPTD?

DSRPTD after DSRPTD they loved it.

All what you want is to simply do your job.
So you hired a team, started searching for investors and events to attend. Sponsored some or did some ads.
Hired a marketing & PR staff, an investment banker or analyst.
Then you think to yourself, "This is making it easier?"

Then there is DSRPTD.

What sits DSRPTD apart:

  • ​Relieve the burden of hunting for the to-do list.

  • Prevent overspending.

  • Convenience, fun, and more productivity.

  • Access to capital, partners, and awareness of what your are doin.

  • We will walk the way with you according to what have you done or undone up to this point.

Where the world's top tech events organisers gather at one place

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Why Dubai, UAE?

Why Dubai
  • Strategic location 8 hours on average from any where in the world with almost 247 direct flights to any destination.

  • High connectivity and pool of talents.

  • World's best infrastructure and the world's safest city.

  • Vibrant ecosystem and environment with a very well developed global financial system.

  • Home to some of the biggest tech names and funds such as Binance, Ripple, JP Morgan, and HSBC, as well as Nasdaq Dubai.

  • The region's tech and scalability hub and the crypto blockchain hub of the world with the first, leading and most comprehensive virtual assets regulations issued by the VARA, and the world's fastest growing crypto and blockchain ecosystem; Crypto Oasis.

  • Home of the world's best free zone for 8 years in a row DMCC Dubai Multiple Commodities Centre bearer of the DMCC Crypto Centre.

  • Home to some of the biggest VC acquisitions such as Uber x Careem, Amazon x, and the Nasdaq SPAC issuance of SWVL with Queen's Gambit, and the Vistas Media x Anghami SPAC on Nasdaq, among other global VC acquisitions of many tech startups in various sectors.

  • Some of the world's players have raised from Dubai such as Elon Musk's Neuralink, among many more.

  • Company structure/legal form

  • Company name and activity

  • Trade licence

  • Company registration

  • Certificates

  • Finance and Banking

  • Visa

  • Taxation

  • List of investors, VC Funds, Accelerators, and Incubators with their thesis and direct contacts

  • Handling legal issues

Into Web3?
Learn all about the global crypto & blockchain hub.
Dubai, UAE.

The world's fastest growing blockchain ecosystem.

Read it here

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Plan Your Trip
More than 50 countries get an instant on-arrival visa to the UAE. Chek if you require a visa here
Visa Information

If you require a tourist visa. You can get yours on the official UAE visa portal online here:

Pan your visit

DSRPTD Talks 2023 Speakers, and DSRPTD MBA Tutors


Anita Kalergis

DSRPTD 2023 Presenter

  • Twitter

Jovana Jovanovic

Founding CEO, Omla

  • Twitter

Oliver von Wolff

Founding CEO, Helion Ventures

  • Twitter

Myrtle Anne-Ramos

Founding CEO, Block Tides Media, Asia Token Fund, Coinvoice.

  • Twitter

Melanie Mohr

Founding CEO, WOM Protocol, and Bullz App.

  • Twitter

Baiba Broka

Governing Council Member, UNIDROIT

  • Twitter
Baiba Broka.jpeg

Catie Romero-Finger

Founding CEO, BABS LABS, Co-Organiser, websh3

  • Twitter
Catie Romero-Finger.jpeg

Dr. Mazdak Rafaty

Chairman, AHK Startup Desk

  • Twitter
Dr. Mazdak Rafaty Conference.jpeg

James Bowater

Editor at Large, CITY AM, Crypto Insider, CRYPTO AM

  • Twitter

Jimmy Nguyen

CEO, Blockchain for All, Chairman, Change Digital Commerce

  • Twitter
Jimmy Nguyen 2023 headshot - purple (2).png

HE Zulfiquar Ghadiyali

Founding Member, Commission For Peace, United Nations, Global Peace Ambassador, University for Peace

  • Twitter

Kristina Lucrezia Corner

Editor In Chief, Cointelegraph

  • Twitter
DSRPTD 2023 Enablers

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Acceleration Partners

Receive advertising and support with your media strategy from industry leaders in exchange for your project's equity or tokens.


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