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Web3 Master Course

Free and open Web3 / Crypto Master Course

Hello all Web3 and Crypto motivated enthusiasts.

Welcome to the Web3 Master Course.

We will be sharing one resource every day and free course every couple of days or week on Telegram.

Here is the outline of the content of the Web3 Master Course:


Career Orientation:

1. Guide to Digital Skills

 Plus: Choose your free CPD accredited and globally recognised certification from Accenture's digital skills suite


2. Why Bitcoin has value

 Two reads by The Mootly Fool and Investopedia

3. What is a Crypto Wallet

4. Crypto Market Capitalization

5. IEO Initial Exchange Offering

6. Companies building the Metaverse

7. Ethereum vs. BSC Binance Smart Chain

Tech path: for those of you who would like to understand the technical side.
8. Finish Chapter 1 in the Intro to Python course by datacamp, it will take you one hour to finish it, then opt to the

Introduction to Blockchain course by codecademy.

9. Finish the Learn SQL course by codecademy, then opt in for 

chapter 1 of the Intro to Relational Databases in SQL by datacamp.

Business path: for those of you who would like to understand the business side.
10. Intro to basics of Agile

11. Web Dev without coding

12. Storytelling with Data

13. Business Model Canvas

For both tech and business:
14. Soft Skills

Please share this course with anyone who might benefit from it or find it helpful.