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The first and only Digital Assets Seminar for Entrepreneurs and Sales Gurus in German and English.

From Germany to Dubai.

Proudly presented by

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March 19th, 2023 to March 21st, 2023 in Dubai

Caesars Palace - Bluewaters Island

Ballroom at Caesars Forum

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Organised by

DgitalAssets Seminar


Audio and video recordings are not permitted during the entire duration of the event!
The organizer is entitled to exclude participants from the seminar in the event of non-compliance.
The organizer reserves the right to make film and audio recordings and to use them for a later, also commercial, purpose.

Seminar Agenda

Sunday 19, March

Inlet: 9am

Seminar starts:  10am

Coffee break in the afternoon for 30 mins

Lunch break for 60 mins

Seminar ends: 6pm

Monday 20, March

Inlet:  9am

Seminar starts:  9am

Two coffee breaks in the morning and the afternoon: 30 mins each

Lunch break for 60 mins

Seminar ends: 6pm

Tuesday 21, March

Inlet:  9am

Seminar starts:  9am

Two coffee breaks in the morning and the afternoon: 30 mins each

Lunch break for 60 mins

Seminar ends: 6pm



Secure your ticket now

You will receive your ticket by email in good time before the event. Please also check your spam folder.

Please note that each participant needs a ticket personalized in their name in order to register on site.



Loretta Joseph, Director at AP Capital.

Topic: Implications of global and European regulatory frameworks for digital assets

Robert Klipp, CEO bei My Best Concept.

Topic: Digital Tools - Improving Efficiency in the Business

Sharad Agarwal, Chief Metaverse Officer of Cyber Gear

Topic: Metaverse for Business

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Dr. Dominik Herzog, Entrepreneur Lawyer

Topic: Smart Contract - Understanding and Utilizing Smart Contracts: A Revolutionary Technology for Business Processes

Pierre Samaties, Partner, Global Co-Head, Crypto Economy, Roland Berger

Topic: The Future of Crypto Economy

Sam Katiela, Chairman of the Borad, Crypto Valley Partners.

Topic: What is the future of money



Petra Schlerit, VR Expert.

Topic: Virtual Reality - Integration of Virtual Reality in Your Business

Suwi Murugathas, Founder & CEO of Newboxes 

Topic: Disruptive Technologies


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