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Get featured on DSRPTD Blog plus top global media outlets.

High quality & motivated readers.

More traffic in millions of visitors.

Increase sales through featuring on legit and high-traffic news sites.

Higher SEO ranking.

Social Media Verification.

How it works:

  1. Send us an email to with subject "DSRPTD Press" or Whats App us directly to get the payment details (Press 365 package at $365 or Premium Package at $835)

  2. Download our DSRPTD Press Template and write your press release / story / article according to the writing guidelines (See below), or send us a link to your website or presentation and we write the PR article for you (*$99 extra for writing the article / press release).

  3. We revise your article and confirm it, or send you the article we wrote for you for revision and approval. (Estimated 48 hours)

  4. Once approved we start publishing on DSRPTD Blog as well as our complimentary affiliates and networks of press and news websites globally for millions of readers. (Publishing takes up to 5 working days)

  5. We send you a report with the links to the top global press and news websites publishing your PR / Story Article. Along with the "As Seen On" trust badge for demonstration on your website or presentations.

Want to have bulk orders for your portfolio, incubated or accelerated startups, fund, or sponsors and partners of your event or conference?

Email us here or drop us a message on Whats App here.

Writing Guidelines & Advice


News Story Requirements:

  • Personal pronouns are only allowed in quotes (I, me, we, our, us, you, your, etc).

  • Write a news story, not a blog post or sales pitch.

  • Only use English words and letters.

  • Headline should summarize the article in one sentence.

  • Don't ask the reader questions. Use between 350 and 800 words.

  • Up to 5 links and 10 images are allowed.


News Story Best Practices:

  • Use your brand name within the headline.

  • Include a summary paragraph below the headline.

  • Use search terms (aka keywords) that you want to rank on Google in the headline.

  • Use search terms (aka keywords) that you want to rank on Google as the text for links.

  • Use a minimum of 500 words, 1 link, and 1 image.


Image Requirements:

  • Maximum file size of 25 MB

  • File formats JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, HEIF, HEIC, TIFF, TIF, SVG, and WEBP.


Image Best Practices:

  • Use JPG or PNG file formats.

  • Landscape images with a minimum width of 800px wide.

  • Keep file size within 500kb.

  • Avoid text, but if necessary, use large font sizes.

DSRPTD Press 365
$365 (Most Popular)
Get featured on DSRPTD Blog

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DSRPTD Press Premium
$835 (Most Authoritative)
Get featured on DSRPTD Blog

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Top Up your DSRPTD Press Package with Add-On:

for $955

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Sample Cases

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DSRPTD Press 365

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