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  • What happens after DSRPTD 2022 ends?
    The DSRPTD 2022 experience will not stop after the summit concludes, startups, scale-ups, and investors will enjoy the non stop community engagement: Access to private closed WhatsApp and Telegram groups and channels to keep the communication and the converstion going. Access to companies and investors roster for 3 months to choose who you want to be introduced to. Access to the recorded sessions of DSRPTD 2022 in addition to resources and educational materials. Circulation of elevation pitch video across all DSRPTD channels for 3 months to showcase why your startup/scale-up is groundbreaking. Connecting you with selected investors to pitch them. Access to recorded master classes.
  • What is DSRPTD 2022's Refund Policy?
    All packages and passes bought are subject to 50% refund if notification is provided 2 months (60 days) before DSRPTD 2022 begins.
  • What are the COVID-19 precautions at DSRPTD 2022?
    Thermal cameras at the entrance to check the temperature of visitors before entry All visitors are required to wear face masks at all times Scoial distancing of at least 2 meters between people All areas are regularly sanitised Hand sanitisers are placed all over the venue Specialist team and facilities are available for any potential medical issues on-site
  • Can I transfer my package to another company/investor?
    Yes you can. You need to notify us so we can make sure we put all the necessary arrangements for the transfer.
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