Upcoming Events

  • African Congress on Cybersecurity
    27 يونيو, 8:00 ص – 5:00 م غرينتش+3
    Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya
    Cybercrime already cost the world $6 Trillion in 2020 90% of African businesses are operating “without the necessary cybersecurity protocols in place” - Interpol. Are you ready?
  • DIFC Fintech Week 2022
    28 يونيو, 9:00 ص GST – 29 يونيو, 5:00 م GST
    Ritz Carlton DIFC, DIFC, off - شارع الشيخ زايد - المركز التجاري - DIFC - دبي - United Arab Emirates
    Deep Dive Into the Next Business Disruptor: FinTech
  • Global Blockchain Congress Southeast Asia
    11 يوليو, 8:00 ص غرينتش+7 – 12 يوليو, 4:00 م غرينتش+7
    Từ Liêm, Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower Plot E6, Cau Giay Urban Area, Keangnam, Từ Liêm, Hà Nội, Vietnam
    The Global Blockchain Congress - Finally in Asia!
  • ETH Toronto 2022
    08 أغسطس, 4:00 م غرينتش-4 – 10 أغسطس, 11:00 م غرينتش-4
    Rebel Entertainment Complex & Cabana, 11 Polson St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A4, Canada
    Join us in Toronto - in the birthplace of ethereum. ETHToronto is a free event - apply to join!
  • Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022
    09 أغسطس, 9:00 ص غرينتش-4 – 10 أغسطس, 7:00 م غرينتش-4
    Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada
    Canada's Largest Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Event
  • SuperVerse
    20 أغسطس, 9:00 ص غرينتش-5 – 21 أغسطس, 10:00 م غرينتش-5
    Pepsi Center, Dakota s/n, Nápoles, Benito Juárez, 03810 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
    SUPERVERSE*ing everyone! SUPERVERSE*AMOS todo el mundo!
  • SALT 2022
    12 سبتمبر, 6:00 ص غرينتش-4 – 14 سبتمبر, 9:00 م غرينتش-4
    Javits Center Expansion, 429 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001, USA
    SALT New York, the first event held at the Javits Center Expansion, returns to Manhattan’s west side this September for three days of collaboration focused on disruptive innovation.
  • ETHSafari
    18 سبتمبر, 9:00 ص غرينتش+3 – 25 سبتمبر, 1:00 م غرينتش+3
    Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya
    Safari wapi? Journey where?
  • GITEX 2022
    10 أكتوبر, 9:00 ص – 14 أكتوبر, 6:00 م
    Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Rd - Trade Centre - Trade Centre 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Global gateway to the tech world of the future
  • TechCrunch Disrupt 2022
    18 أكتوبر, 9:00 ص غرينتش-7 – 20 أكتوبر, 6:00 م غرينتش-7
    San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA
    The global startup community comes together each year to discover insights, collaborate, and celebrate achievements that have defined each founder's journey and for those yet to come in the future.
  • Slush 2022
    17 نوفمبر, 9:00 ص – 18 نوفمبر, 9:00 م
    Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
    The world's leading startup event

Past Events

  • Viva Technology 6th edition
    15 يونيو, 9:00 ص غرينتش+2 – 18 يونيو, 6:00 م غرينتش+2
    Paris, Paris, France
    This is where business meet innovation We act as a powerful global catalyst for digital transformation and startup growth. Every year VivaTech brings together, in Paris and online, business leaders, startups, investors, researchers and innovators to ignite positive change in business and for society
  • Digital Accountancy Show 2022
    09 يونيو, 9:00 ص – 4:30 م غرينتش+1
    Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, 782 High Rd, London N17 0BX, UK
    07 يونيو, 9:30 ص – 4:00 م غرينتش+2
    Esport Spot (ESPOT), Zajęcza 2a, 00-351 Warszawa, Poland
    Come discover how blockchain revolutionises the gaming industry
  • The 4th Healthcare Disrupters Congress
    31 مايو, 8:30 ص – 4:35 م غرينتش+3
    Riyadh, Opposite of Ministry of Interior, King Fahd Rd, An Namudhajiyah, Riyadh 13003, Saudi Arabia
  • TerraCrypto 3.0
    28 مايو, 11:00 ص – 9:00 م غرينتش+3
    loft-space "LOFT HALL", Ulitsa Leninskaya Sloboda, 26, Moskva, Russia, 115280
    Forum about mining, DeFi and legalization
  • BSV Global Blockchain Convention 2022
    24 مايو, 9:00 ص GST – 26 مايو, 7:00 م GST
    Dubai, Grand Hyatt Dubai - Sheikh Rashid Rd - Umm Hurair 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Yoonaverse
    19 مايو, 1:30 م – 6:30 م غرينتش+2
    Berlin, Auguststraße 11 - 13, 10117 Berlin, Germany
    Conference, Awards, Podcast & NFT by yoona.ai, H&MBeyond, Telekom & Sleek
  • MIT Bitcoin Expo 2022
    07 مايو, 8:00 ص غرينتش-4 – 08 مايو, 7:00 م غرينتش-4
    MIT Campus, Massachusetts, USA
  • Crypto Bahamas
    26 أبريل, 12:00 م غرينتش-4 – 29 أبريل, 5:00 م غرينتش-4
    Nassau, Baha Mar Blvd, Nassau, The Bahamas
    An exclusive gathering of the leading investors and builders in the blockchain, digital assets and web3 space
  • TheConference.DEX
    21 أبريل, 12:00 م غرينتش+2
    Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    A conference for DeFi and TradFi experts on the future of DEX adoption
  • Blockchain Life 2022
    20 أبريل, 8:00 ص غرينتش+3 – 21 أبريل, 8:30 م غرينتش+3
    Moskva, Shosse Entuziastov, 5 стр.2, Moskva, Russia, 111024
    One of the biggest blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining events in the world
  • Startup Grind Global Conference 2022
    12 أبريل, 7:30 م غرينتش-7 – 13 أبريل, 11:55 م غرينتش-7
    Silicon Valley, CA, USA
    Built for leading startups and scaleups around the world who are creating the next wave of the web Bridging the gap between web2 and web3, join us at SG Global | April 12-13, 2022 in Redwood City, CA
  • IEEE UAE Blockchain Symposium
    09 مارس, 10:00 ص – 4:00 م GST
    Dubai, Academic City Emirates Road - Exit 49 - Academic City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    IEEE UAE Blockchain Symposium will be held on March 9th at the University of Dubai. The event will be hybrid: part physical for those attending from the UAE and part virtual for the speakers outside the country.
  • SuperVerse
    22 فبراير, 9:00 ص GST – 23 فبراير, 11:00 م GST
    Dubai Festival City Arena, Dubai Festival City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Superverse is the largest collaborative event connecting creators, entrepreneurs, and artists that are disrupting the creator industry. “Where attention goes, energy flows.” As our attention shifts towards the digital world, our digital lives become more worth to us.
  • Global Blockchain Congress 9th Edition
    21 فبراير, 9:00 ص GST – 22 فبراير, 5:00 م GST
    Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    https://agoragroup.ae/events/global_blockchain_congress_9th_edition Agora is hosting its 9th Edition of the Global Blockchain Congress on February 21st and 22nd 2022 in Dubai, The UAE. The theme of this edition is: “The Decentralized Digital Reality: A gateway to the Metaverse, GameFi & DeFi".
  • 4th Annual Gulf Congress on Cybersecurity
    08 فبراير, 8:00 ص – 5:00 م GST
    Dubai, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    https://agoragroup.ae/events/gulf-congress-on-cyber-se Join us for the 4th edition of the Gulf Congress on Cybersecurity to explore the challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing world of cyber threats. The Gulf Congress on Cyber Security (GCCS) provides a forum for qualified decision-makers.
  • Crypto Finance Conference St. Moritz 2022
    12 يناير, 9:30 ص – 6:00 م غرينتش+1
    Suvretta House, St Moritz, Switzerland
    Welcome to CfC St. Moritz – the circle of digital assets and blockchain leaders, where lasting contacts are made and real business deals are concluded.
  • CES 2022
    05 يناير, 7:00 م غرينتش+8 – 08 يناير, 11:00 م غرينتش+8
    Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    The Trends Shaping the Technology of Tomorrow As CES returns to Las Vegas, the show will display the next wave innovation that will shape 2022 and the economy of tomorrow.