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The most women driven Web3  roaming event globally

BABs Labs launched websh3 to support diverse leaders in building a more inclusive Web3 ecosystem that prioritizes sustainability.

It's time to put our words into action so that this new, vibrant space can generate a positive social and environmental impact.

websh3 is an experience, not a conference. websh3 interactive events seek to connect teams, ignite partnerships and drive funding to projects moving the needle.

Through empowering the community, websh3 evolved from an impactful side-event at major conferences into an all-year-round platform.

With frequent gatherings around the world, websh3 share their expertise in Web3 marketing, communications, and product development with those dedicated to high social impact.

Each of websh3 events activates and engages through workshops, hackathons, expert panel discussions, immersive art exhibitions, and, of course, epic after-parties.

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Our Story

BABS LABS the hosts and organisers of Websh3 came across DSRPTD 2022 the world's most untold and unspoken-of happening in the VC world while being in Dubai and had the chance to hit DSRPTD's stage featuring their CEO and COO on a MICE Industry DSRPTD Talk along with ETHSafari's Organiser and lead by Dubai's most famous crypto and blockchain meetup's Co-Founder.

Tapping into a very private and select event that gathers very few and heavily selected audience and participants from the the VC world globally they experienced a very high quality engagements that has never been seen before. And hence DSRPTD x Websh3 collaboration came into life and breathing to deliver one of the most unmatched and unrivaled experiences.

Welcome the world's first DSRPTD and Websh3 experience in Saudi for the first time ever.

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Meet The Speakers


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