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Get UGC on demand with web3 creators instantly through BULLZ Campaign Manager

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Create content campaigns with verified BULLZ creators in less than 5 minutes!
  1. Explain what you need. Set up your web3 influencer campaign in less than 5 minutes. Your campaigns are only shown to verified content creators/influencers directly within the BULLZ app.

  2. Creators can choose to join your collaboration and upload their content. See the first amazing videos from top creators coming in less than 24 hours.

  3. Get the videos distributed on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube (soon more!) for further reach.

  4. Bear market friendly prices. You set the budget, creators choose to join.

On BULLZ, creators are rewarded with WOM Tokens. This is possible through the integration of the WOM Protocol. You can access all BULLZ videos for free through the WOM Campaign Manager.

You can even get further support in your social media marketing Twitter Tweets/Thread curation, distribution, management -Official channels support -Manage/distribute announcements Discord -Organic chats and community management -Manage/distribute announcements -Stickerpack Telegram -Organic chats and community management -Manage/distribute announcements -Stickerpack

Learn more and get started getting on demand UGC here

And it doesn't stop here, you can also drive content creation by integrating the BULLZ bots into your community.

Watch Bullz presentation from DSRPTD Island on DSRPTD TV now here.

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