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Instead of selling NFTs/tokens or giving them for free, you can now airdrop them in fun challenges!

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Use the BULLZ Challenge Launchpad to airdrop your NFTs or tokens in return “for a service” defined in your challenge.

Instead of simply selling your NFTs/tokens or giving them away for free, you can now airdrop them in fun challenges!.

Simply define what you are giving away and describe the steps a user should follow to submit to your “challenge”.

You can see all submissions and select which ones pass your challenge to airdrop straight into the users wallet. Let’s go!.

BULLZ empowers creators and brands to better engage with their audiences by providing a fun challenge. Winning an NFT or token truly feels more special!

You can even get further support in your social media marketing


-Tweets/Thread curation, distribution, management

-Official channels support

-Manage/distribute announcements


-Organic chats and community management

-Manage/distribute announcements



-Organic chats and community management

-Manage/distribute announcements


Learn more and get started here

And it doesn't stop here, you can also drive content creation by integrating the BULLZ bots into your community.

Watch Bullz presentation from DSRPTD Island on DSRPTD TV now here.

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