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DSRPTD Pick Of The Week "The Most Generous Billionaire"

The 29 years old billionaire, worth $22 billions, living in the Bahamas with 10 roommates.

With crazy hair and being a vegan. He wants to donate all his billions to charity !!!. Wanna know why ???. Watch the video up to know his impressive story that you don't wanna miss. Where Nuseir Yassin of NAS DAILY flew all the way from Dubai to the Bahamas to meet with Sam.

Sam Bankman-Fried the MIT graduate noticed that the price of Bitcoin back then was $10,000 on US exchanges while on Japanese exchanges it was $11,000.

And here was the opportunity. They were able to make $1 million dollars every week day by buying $10 millions of Bitcoin in the US and selling them for $11 millions in Japan. EVERY WEEK DAY totaling $20 millions.

Sam became full time crypto trader and started FTX the crypto trading company. And in just two years his company FTX became one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world worth $40 billion.

Last year he donated $50 million, next year he is donating $500 million a year, and by next decade he will be giving away $10 billion.

He is funding Global Warming, COVID-19 Preparedness, Tropical Diseases, and Animal Welfare.

Sam is not driving a Lambo or wearing a Rolex. In fact he is driving a Toyota Corolla with a smart watch on his wrist.

Sam might be a Trillionaire in few decades. Earning his money to impact the world.

Thanks Sam for being such an amazing human-being, and thanks Nuseir for flying all the way from Dubai to the Bahamas to bring us his story to share :D

Follow NAS DAILY on YouTube here

And check Sam's FTX here

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