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Woodstock's Pranav Sharma is joining us at DSRPTD 2021.

A seasoned professional, with over fifteen years of leadership experience, who firmly believes that for individuals, entrepreneurs and enterprises to build successful and financially sustainable businesses, financial well-being and wellness rests at the core of such success. Pranav’s professional experience is instrumental in guiding him towards his current role as the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Woodstock Fund. In addition, to his role at Woodstock Fund, Pranav is also Advisor to Alliance Block and Orion Protocol.

Woodstock Fund are rel value diggers, there is something about them,... these guys had the biggest names in the Blockchain VC world following their due diligence, whenever they invest in a deal, we find that the likes of Pantera and Binance Labs, etc, jumping on the deal couple of months later. Such outperforming investments include ElRond, Marlin Protocol, Persistence, Biconomy, Frontier, and Band Protocol to name a few, you should keep an eye on what these guys are doing.

Bringing together this vast array of experience, Pranav’s expertise lies in identifying, understanding and contributing towards structuring and executing business side of the startup ecosystem. He has been able to pick most of the multi-bagger digital asset investment opportunities in the past 3 years. Since, he has closely worked with institutional investors, corporates, small and mid-sized enterprises and start-ups, he has actively contributed to the ecosystem building for existing portfolio of Woodstock Capital Fund.

Pranav has benefitted from being both educated and having worked in multicultural and multifunctional environments. He is an alumnus of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (Pune University), from where he obtained his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, and the Asian Institute of Management (Philippines) and HEC (Paris) from where he obtained his MBA. Pranav, has completed several programs over the years including programs relating to Islamic Banking (in Malaysia) and Import-Export Management (in India).

With all these skills and expertise under his belt we couldn't be much more happier with him joining us to participate on the Startup and Investor Due Diligence Masterclass at DSRPTD 2021.

DSRPTD 2021 will take place on the 25th to the 27th of October in Dubai, UAE, ensuring the maximum return on investment for the participating startups, scaleups, investors, corporates, VCs, and governments. Secure your slot now at .

Is your startup, company, or fund interested in sponsoring or partnering with DSRPTD 2021? Chat with us now on Whats App , Telegram, or WeChat .


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