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Pixar's Finding Nemo, Wall-E, & The Incredibles II Art Director launches a franchise in Dubai !!!

IT REMAINS are launching an “entertainment franchise” on April 27, 2022 in Dubai Mall at the Immersive Digital Art Museum Infinity Des Lumieres with focus on charity as all bought tickets will be donated in observance of Ramadan and future technologies (NFT, metaverse, gaming etc) and this may be interesting opportunity for a lot of investors and NFT companies.

The project is backed by big companies in Europe and USA (artists and project founders of Arts Dao, Gyr.Falcon, Dubai Peeps) + the art director is from Pixar (worked on Incredibles II, Wall-E and Finding Nemo). Additional information can be found through contacting them here to obtain the deck - due to the short timeframe please mention DSRPTD for faster decision making.

If you want to become part of this historic event or if you have any questions - and want to be included in all communications and promotional materials. Reach out to here and mention DSRPTD to get priority decision.

Stay updated at .

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