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Agora makes it to the top of DSRPTD Events Listing with 3 tech disrupters congresses

Agora Group. The UAE based company with offices in Lebanon, UK, and Canada, focusing on connecting investors with startups, corporate buyers with solution providers, and access to middle eastern and African markets. Agora runs the first of its kind series for tech disrupters congresses.

They are not traditional conferences nor exhibitions. rather they are an exclusive and closed-doors series of pre-arranged one-on-one meetings between investors and startups in their flagship Global Blockchain Congresses, and corporate buyers and solution providers in their Healthcare, Cybersecurity, Education, Energy, and LegalTech congresses.

With 3 congresses in a row within 3 months May, June, and July 2022 in 3 different markets, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and Vietnam. Agora makes it to the top of DSRPTD Events Listing with the most sector focused tech congresses as a sales and investment platform.

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