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“Y U No” Guy is finally a coin!

Dubai, 1st June 2023 - Y U No Guy -the new coin recently launched on Ethereum- is a token originated from the popular internet meme, who features the image of a man with an expression of frustration and the legend Y U No originated in 2010.

Following the birth of multiple successful cryptocurrencies, having the name and logo of famous memes, a group of dreamers (Metaverse Investments LLC) dreams of creating the Y U No Guy token ($YUN) by jumping into the Meme coin market.

YUN is a happy exception in this crypto coins environment, where most of the majority of the meme coins are useless. It it has a roadmap full of surprises and benefits for its investors.

It’s showing a rapid growth phase of the token and the investment will potential skyrocket thanks to a strong community and innovative development team. It’s a high profitability potential project who can reach significant returns and long-term value. It’s a way to diversify a portfolio by investing in a new token, which offers a unique value proposition and the potential for high returns. A strong community is in love with the project, it’s just been launched and count already 3400+ members in the Telegram group, 13k followers on Instagram and 18k followers on Twitter, so a project that shown immediately the enormous potential.

Some well-known Meme coins have gone so far in trend that they have transformed investments of $ 100 into millions of dollars, helping to increase the diffusion of this phenomenon.

The price of YUN has skyrocketed in recent weeks, look like is very appreciate ( ).

Just to be safe, a quick reminder that Y U No Guy ( ) is a token developed on the Ethereum Blockchain, it has a max supply of 200,000 billion. A $YUN Token Smart Contract has been fully audited by Revoluzion, a well-known and trustworthy audit company. The the code is safe and free from any malicious functions.

If you like to join the dream Y U No Guy have a look to the website ( ), connect your Web3 wallet and buy YUN with just one click on the Ethereum Blockchain.m, and you’re in!

About the dreamers behind the project you can check on Metaverse Investments Consultancy FZE, a Dubai based new company and its founder is a visionary expert in cryptocurrencies since day one, who moved to Dubai to finance major projects and initiatives to increase knowledge and adoption of blockchain and all the tools of Web 3.0. The company count with a team of expert consultants in the cryptocurrency and blockchain investment sector, capable of setting up strategies for each type of investor based on their own risk profile. And with the knowledge of Marco Polo Experience ( ) and Patrizia Marin ( ) Team for spread the message

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