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Xprizo joins forces with Foresee Payment Services to drive transformative change in UAE

Tuesday 14th November 2023 - Xprizo, a cutting-edge fintech platform, is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking collaboration with Foresee Payment Services L.L.C. This partnership marks a monumental stride for Xprizo, paving the way for expansion into the thriving UAE market.

With a shared vision of fostering financial empowerment, Xprizo’s work alongside Foresee Payment Services L.L.C. will drive transformative change, not only in the UAE but on a global scale. A core element of the partnership is making a significant impact by supporting both local and expatriate communities in the region. This collaboration presents a valuable opportunity for innovation within the Fintech industry and beyond.

Xprizo CEO Richard Mifsud commented: “This is a historic moment for our company as we expand the business into the UAE. We are eagerly anticipating the future and hold high aspirations to support both local and expatriate communities. Our vision is to enable complete financial inclusivity without discrimination. We believe the UAE shares these values. Through this partnership, we're confident not only in achieving remarkable milestones but, more critically, in making a significant positive impact for countless individuals in the UAE and beyond.”

Dr. Marwan Alzarouni has expressed confidence in Foresee Payment’s ability to amplify Xprizo’s global strategy and to establish a stronger foothold in the Gulf.

“Leveraging Foresee Payment’s deep industry insight, Xprizo is poised for broader market penetration and the realisation of its ambitious objectives. Dubai’s nurturing of a digital economy creates a fertile ground for innovation, especially in the realms of crypto and blockchain technology. This aligns with the UAE’s commitment to be a magnet for fintech ventures, fueling the nation’s vision for a knowledge-driven, digitally empowered economy,” said Dr. Alzarouni, CEO of Foresee Payment Services L.L.C commenting on their cooperation with Xprizo.

About Xprizo:

Xprizo is a fintech platform designed to simplify transactions for both merchants and consumers. With a robust set of features, the platform aims to make P2P payments and online transactions a smooth experience for all parties involved. Adhering to the highest standards of legal compliance, Xprizo welcomes partnerships across a multitude of industries. For more information, visit

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