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World Electronics Forum 2024: Uniting Global Innovation and Inclusion in Rabat, Morocco

Rabat, Morocco – The World Electronics Forum (WEF) 2024, slated for April 17-18, marks a significant milestone in global innovation, bringing together an esteemed assembly of industry leaders in Rabat, Morocco. Celebrating its 29th year, WEF 2024 is expected to host over 100 participants, featuring a prominent lineup of speakers such as Thierry Lestable, Director of the Technology Innovation Institute, Jérôme Hénique, CEO of Orange MENA, David Anderson, Director of NY CREATES, along with key figures from Fonds Clinatec and the Auto- nomy Institute. Gustavo Montero, Founder and Chairman of Carter Capital and Palmer FZE, will act as the Master of Ceremonies, providing valuable insights and guiding the forum’s discussions.

Leaders from the Consumer Technology Association, Korea Electronics Association, and the Shenzhen Electronics Industries Association will also contribute, highlighting WEF’s longs- tanding commitment to fostering international dialogue, collaboration, and strengthening the global electronics industry.

A Focus on Sustainable and Inclusive Technological Progress

Under the leadership of Lamia Aamou, WEF 2024 aims to leverage sustainable electronic and digital innovation to confront pressing global issues. « In an era fraught with challenges across health, environment, energy, and more, WEF 2024 embodies a beacon of hope for transformative solutions, » Lamia Aamou noted. The agenda is designed to inspire ideation, cultivate transformative solutions, and hasten prototyping and experimentation, with a particular emphasis on integrating the MENA region’s perspectives into broader global initiatives.

Morocco: A Gateway to Innovation and Inclusion

Choosing Morocco as the venue underscores WEF’s commitment to closing the digital gap and fostering development across all levels of the global electronics ecosystem. Moroc- co’s strategic position not only showcases its role in technological advancement but also highlights its potential as a gateway for innovation in the electronics industry, especially to

African and Middle Eastern markets. This positioning is vital for promoting inclusive growth and ensuring that emerging economies can also contribute to and benefit from the advan- cements in the global electronics landscape.

Navigating the Future of Electronic Innovation

WEF 2024 will explore the ramifications of advancements in artificial intelligence, in- frastructure, healthcare, and energy and more. «The rapid ‘electronification’ of our daily lives underscores the urgency of addressing data governance, regulation, and the societal and environmental impacts of technology,» remarked Ali El Harti, president of FENELEC. The forum promises to be a ground-breaking event, offering a stage for critical discussions on how best to leverage technology for the good of society.

WEF 2024 enjoys the support of esteemed partner organizations, including Orange, Tech- nology Innovation Institute, Gaya, La Tribune, the Moroccan Investment and Export Deve- lopment Agency - AMDIE, the Consumer Technology Association, NY CREATES, Fonds Clinatec CEA, the Autonomy Institute, the Korea Electronics Association, the Shenzhen Electronics Industries Association, Angers French Tech, CGEM, United States National Committee of the IEC, Teoola, Metacard, and MyGlobal Village among others.

WEF 2024 extends a warm invitation to industry professionals, innovators, policymakers, and enthusiasts to join this monumental event in Rabat. Together, attendees will navigate contemporary challenges and unlock opportunities for a future where technology serves as a catalyst for sustainable and inclusive growth.

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Jessica Chin Foo

Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships World Electronics Forum 2024

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