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Vistas Media-Anghami SPAC went public on Nasdaq with an IPO. DSRPTD 2021 had it all back in October

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Congratulating our #DSRPTD2021 Industry & Knowledge Partner MEVP Middle East Venture Partners for their portfolio company Anghami going public on the Nasdaq Exchange through a #SPAC with Vistas Media Acquisition Company priced at $100M with a share price of $10.

Riyad Abou Jaoudeh, Partner at MEVP Middle East Venture Partners delivered a DSRPTD Masterclass live on DSRPTD 2021 Stage in Dubai last October at the Sofitel Dubai Downtown illustrating a real world use case "Anghami SPAC" as one of their portfolio companies in the process of going public (IPO) through a SPAC with Vistas Media Acquisition Company on the Nasdaq.

The masterclass demonstrated as well other global and regional SPACs such as Opendoor, SWVL with Queen's Gambit among others. In addition to some other announced SPACs that wasn't merged yet such as FIM Partners with Frontier, and Mubadala with Blue Whale Acquisition Corp 1.

The Masterclass covered:

  1. An introduction to the SPAC Process.

  2. SPAC Transaction Structure.

  3. Detailed SPAC Process.

  4. SPAC Valuation.

The Masterclass is part of the DSRPTD MBA Online Programme offered on Udemy.

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MEVP Middle East Venture Partners were an Industry & Knowledge Partner to DSRPTD 2021 which took place on the 25th to the 27th of October in Dubai, UAE, ensuring the maximum return on investment for the participating startups, scaleups, investors, corporates, VCs, and governments. learn more at .

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