Visa's Smiyet Belrhiti discussed insider CBDC and Crypto Payments at DSRPTD 2021!

Smiyet is currently the Head of CorpDev and Venture investments for Visa in the CEMEA region. As part of his current role at Visa, he focuses on investment opportunities in the payment and fintech space across Central Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

Prior to joining Visa, Smiyet spent 14 years in growth and venture capital across several sectors and several regions. Smiyet holds a bachelor in Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal and a Master in Business Administration from Columbia Business School.

Smiyet joined Ahmed Refaie the CEO and Global CIO of G.P.I. Global Partners Investments Limited and the Host and General Partner of DSRPTD live on stage for a DSRPTD Talk Duo on Central Bank Digital Currency and Crypto Payments, Settlements, and Cross Border Payments and Clearance.

Make sure to check Visa's “Universal Payment Channel” (UPC) that acts like a hub, interconnecting multiple blockchain networks and allowing for secure transfer of digital currencies. Think of it as a “universal adapter” among blockchains, allowing central banks, businesses, and consumers to seamlessly exchange value, no matter the form factor of the currency.

DSRPTD 2021 took place on the 25th to the 27th of October in Dubai, UAE, ensuring the maximum return on investment for the participating startups, scaleups, investors, corporates, VCs, and governments. learn more at .

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