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The world's largest & first startup community-owned accelerator decentralised investing web3 powered

Updated: May 26, 2022

The SG DAO is the world's first community-owned accelerator. Leveraging Startup Grind's unique legal structure, Startup Grind are able to offer a piece of their accelerator to anyone interested in joining. Thanks to this ownership, when the DAO succeeds everyone does.

Through Startup Grind's accelerator community they can offer better deal flow, more robust due diligence, and a supportive accelerator that uniquely positions them to help their portfolio companies succeed. With this decentralization, they can offer a diverse deal flow that most networks don't have access to.

Harnessing the power of web3, Startup Grind are able to create a digital community ready to tackle any challenge put in-front of them. The SG DAO's decentralized structure, voting mechanics, and organization of people allows it harness the talents of a diverse group of people to ultimately help their portfolio companies succeed.

Make sure to register your interest after going through the website and documentation, in case you have any other burning questions that was not answered in the FAQs or the documentation.

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