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In the beginning, the Internet was a free frontier — a land of openness, creativity and possibility.

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Join Reddit on the New Frontier

In the Beginning In the beginning, the Internet was a free frontier — a land of openness, creativity and possibility.

The Free Internet Early settlers discovered many like themselves. Out on the frontier, they banded together into communities that made up the free Internet.

The Platforms Then the amusement parks opened. Millions abandoned the frontier, drawn to the glitzy rides and manicured lawns.

Walls and Billboards At first, everyone loved the parks. Until they built walls and billboards. And spied, manipulated, and censored the people.

A Forgotten Land Today, the free frontier lays in ruins. Walled gardens dominate the landscape, with people trapped behind walls and under watch.

Taking Back Control Is this how the Internet ends? Or will people find a way to take back control?

Breaking Free With the right tools, people can break free of the parks and escape the walled gardens.

A Better Future They could reclaim their rightful ownership of the frontier, and rebuild stronger, more independent communities, even better than before.

Free Communities Liberated from control, they could express themselves freely, collaborate on decisions, and determine their own future.

Back Home The frontier could finally regrow into a dynamic world of diverse, prosperous, and independent online communities.

Just a Dream? We believe in a new dawn for the Internet, where it can be free once again. We don't have all the answers, but we believe together we can find a way. Will you join us in this new beginning?

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