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GreekKeepers Project Launches Unique Multi-Messenger Application

The GreekKeepers project has announced the launch of a convenient multi-messenger with end-to-end encryption. The development team of the project believes that the new application with help its clients facilitate communication in a private manner and allow them to take advantage of NFT and Web3 functionality.

The team at GreekKeepers has developed a new communication solution in the form of a multi-messenger, which will be used within the framework of the native project and beyond as a tool advancing calls and messaging. The mission of the project is to rely on advanced communication tools and Web3 functionality to bring ancient Greece back to life, allowing its splendor to flourish in the virtual world of modern technology.

“We are taking real steps towards embodying the essence and magic of Ancient Greece through our application. Web3 allows this to happen and communication among the participants of our project is the key to advancing this ideal. Our new multi-messenger is just the tool we need to both attract new users and flesh out the world we are building,” as stated by Yuri Guk, the Founder of the GreekKeepers project.

The team at GreekKeepers is currently working on implementing a list of features that will endow the multi-messenger with a unique set of functionality. The features the team is intending on incorporating into the application shortly include:

· Login and registration;

· Password recovery option;

· Algorithm for selecting channels by interests;

· Messaging;

· Groups;

· Calls;

· Contacts list;

· List of recommended channels;

· Profile and settings.

At present, the multi-messenger is at the version 1.0 stage of development. At launch, the application will be available for Android and iOS devices.

The GreekKeepers project will also have a native DRAX gaming token, which will allow users to access a unique Greek NFT collection and several additional collections of NFTs spanning deities from multiple religions and mythologies, such as those of India and China. The DRAX utility token is already available for trading on PancakeSwap with locked liquidity and allows users to receive passive income for asset holding on wallets.

“The DRAX token will form the centerpiece of our project, opening users and community members the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of stunningly beautiful NFT renders of ancient gods. Mythology has always been in demand as a cultural phenomenon and we mean to continue advancing that in Web3,” as Yuri Guk concluded.

When asked about the most common issues facing the market of NFTs and similar thematic projects, Yuri Guk added:

“Video games are one thing, but they are losing popularity in recent times due to poor development quality and mediocrity. This leaves room for collectors of new and interesting assets like NFTs to engage in projects like ours.”

The team at GreekKeepers has successfully developed their solution to meet the needs of modern users, who are unwilling to share their communication channels with third parties. The new application from GreekKeepers allows users to both have private conversations and enjoy a wide range of thematic channels dedicated to a variety of topics.

Those willing to discover the possibilities offered by the GreekKeepers multi-messenger have the opportunity to visit the project website and test the available functionality. The development team is confident that the project will be demanded on the market and its audience will grow in the near future.

Contact Info:

Name: GreekKeepers

Organization: GreekKeepers

Address: Thessaloniki Captain Argo, 12

Phone: +306940737603

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