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Embrace the Extraordinary: NFT Artist Gr8ful Gurl Elevates Emotional Intelligence Amidst Technological Innovation at “ Summer of Love” Coachella Valley, CA with SpaceBlue and Bitbasel

Updated: Apr 16

Coachella Valley, CA. - April 11-12, 2024 - Brandi Veil, recognized by her moniker Gr8ful Gurl, isn't just an NFT artist—she's a visionary on a mission to redefine the intersection of community, personal connection, and gratitude in the digital age. In an era dominated by the relentless march of technological advancement, Gr8ful Gurl stands as a beacon of Emotional Intelligence (EI), advocating for the importance of human-centric values in our ever-evolving world.

On February 22, 2024, Gr8ful Gurl etched her name in history as one of the pioneering 222 NFT artists chosen for the groundbreaking and partners Bitbasel mission to the moon. Amidst the awe-inspiring backdrop of Cape Canaveral, Florida, she joined forces with fellow creatives to push the boundaries of art and technology beyond Earth's confines. "Gr8ful Gurl isn't just about digital art—it's about fostering connections, nurturing communities, and embracing the power of gratitude," said Veil, reflecting on her journey. "In a world driven by the relentless pace of innovation, it's crucial to remember the human element that binds us all together." As the world eagerly anticipates the next frontier of metaverse projects, Gr8ful Gurl continues to push the envelope, infusing her work with boundless creativity and unwavering passion. From virtual galleries, comic book stories to immersive experiences, her vision knows no bounds. Join Gr8ful Gurl on her mission to the stars and beyond, where art, technology, and humanity converge in a symphony of innovation and inspiration.

More about the Summer of Love Series and Lunarprise Moon Museum contact us.

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About Gr8ful Gurl 

NFT:Gr8ful Gurl NFT is a pioneering force in the world of digital art, advocating for Emotional Intelligence (EI) amidst the rapid pace of technological innovation. Led by visionary artist Brandi Veil, Gr8ful Gurl is dedicated to fostering community, personal connections, and gratitude in the digital age.


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