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DSRPTD 2022 wraps & DSRPTD 2021 still makes the news with Cointelegraph historical collection NFTs

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

DSRPTD 2022 has concluded after kicking off last October the 18th and 19th, 2022 in Dubai followed by 3 consecutive private events in the following 3 months November, December, and January making it the longest running VC summit. Once again showing some of the world's most promising technologies such as Auditchain and InvoiceMate among others. For the second year Auditchain the world's first financial disclosure infrastructure featuring process control NFTs, and InvoicMate the world's first and only fully fledged invoicing platform on blockchain using AI were on DSRPTD 2022 Stage among other startups and technologies.

While DSRPTD 2021 had it's stage capturing the attention of the very select audience of investors, industry leaders, and professional experts from the entire VC ecosystem from all over the world featuring DSRPTD Talks such as the "MICE Industry Role in fostering the Startup Ecosystem" which was led by the Editor in Chief of Cointelegraph Kristina Lucrezia Corner in a DSRPTD Talk that gathered the top organisers and hosts of the world's top and biggest tech events as the Director of EXPO 2020 DUBAI; the world's biggest expo and largest in history legacy District 2020 (renamed Expo City), the VP of GITEX Global; the world's biggest tech exhibition by Dubai World Trade Centre, the Managing Director of CV Summit; Zug's beating heart summit, the organiser of BlockchainUA; Ukraine's biggest blockchain conference, and the Co-Founder of EcoX; Dubai's most famous meetup, for the first time ever sharing the same stage.

You may remember Kristina's story that went viral on a lot of tech, crypto and blockchain media houses with the Host of DSRPTD, and the founder of Make.Gifts who accidentally NFTed them at DSRPTD 2021 closing soiree'. The article is now on Cointelegraph's historical collection as an NFT on Polygon network where you can buy one of the limited 10 NFTs of the article using MATIC (7 NFTs remaining and price is up more than 5X as of now). You can read it and mint it here.

DSRPTD 2021 had the likes of Gulf Analytica's President David Gibson-Moore presenting the summit, Tsang's Group's Patrick Tsang with Skybridge's and Host of SALT Anthony Scaramucci in a DSRPTD Talk Duo, Block's Lead of Legal and Compliance (Square's Crypto Cash App) Antonia Savaria leading a DSRPTD Talk on DeFi Regulation with the legal Council at Standard Chartered, and Thibault Verbiest Partner at Metalaw, also the Head of Visa M&A on a DSRPTD Talk Duo with DSRPTD's host on CBDCs and Cross Border Payments, Forbes Blockchain Columnist & Contributor leading a DSRPTD Talk on Gaming and eSports, Forbes Finance Council Member Michael Golomb leading a DSRPTD Talk on Investment Tokenisation, and James Bowater City AM's Crypto Insider and Editor at Large of Crypto AM leading a DSRPTD Talk on the Future of Banking & Asset Management with Tokenisation among others were on DSRPTD Stage. Also presentations by EXPO 2020 Dubai Legacy District, SRTIP Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park, and the AHK Startup Desk of the AHK German Emirati Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In addition to DSRPTD 2021's masterclasses on Business Setup by KARM Legal who also delivered to masterclasses at DSRPTD 2022 on VARA Virtaul Assets Regulatory Authority regulations in the UAE, and Business Taxation, SaaS Security by Grant Thornton, Quantum Computing, and MVP by Black, Startup Valuation by Privity, Due Diligence for Startups and Investors by Woodstock Fund, Cryptoasset Trading & Risk Assessment by, How Companies Can Particpate in DeFi by Distributed Lab Founder and CEO Dr. Pavel Kravchenko who delivered "When Blockchain Fails" masterclass at DSRPTD 2022, DID Digital Identifiers by KILT Protocol's founder Ingo Ruebe, Hybrid Project Management, Business Analysis and Scheduling by the PMI Project Management Institute which also delivered a masterclass on Transformation and Change Management at DSRPTD 2022, and SPACs by MEVP Middle East Venture Partners, which brought the DSRPTD MBA online programme on Udemy to life.

DSRPTD 2022 presented by @KryptoGranny Anita Kalergis brought Catie Romero Finger and Nastya Adamova the CEO and COO of Babs Labs and the organisers of Websh3, and Jason Eisen organiser of ETHSafari and founder of Africa DeFi Alliance on a MICE Industry Role in the VC World Talk led by Jorge Sebastiao the Co-Founder of Dubai's most famous meetup EcoX. Also the best talk on media as described by Cryptonites TV's host Alex Fazel and Head of Partnerships at Swiss Borg who led the Media Talk on DSRPTD 2022 Stage with Myrtle Anne Ramos the Founding CEO of Block Tides; Asia' top Blockchain Media House as rated by Pitchbook and official Binance content feeder, Anna Tutova the CEO of Coinstelegram, and Elias Ahonen Author at Cointelegraph. Alex also spoke on a DSRPTD Talk about Crypto Exchanges and FinTech / FinServ led by OKX's Deputy General Counsel with Jason Meyers the Lead Architect at Auditchain, Apollo Eric the CEO of Africa's Crypto Exchange Bitlipa which is onramping and offramping crypto to fiat remittances using MPesa the global benchmark of mobile money by Safaricom / Vodacom (Vodafone Kenya and Africa), and Ronald Mahondo the CEO of Africa's DeFi-Ready Ride Hailing App Maramoja.

Pierre Samaties the Global Co-Head of Crypto Economy at Roland Berger sealed DSRPTD 2022 Talks by leading a talk on Enterprise Scaling with the Chief Mate of InvoiceMate, the Co-Founder of QBEin the CTO as a Service company, and the CEO of the NFT makers and phygital NFTs marketplace.

As usual DSRPTD 2022 Stage had masterclasses delivered by Smart State on Smart Contract Auditing in Web3, the Swiss Academy's NFT masterclass by Gustavo Montero, Lecturer on NFTs at Geneva Business School and Chairman at Carter Capital where he led a DSRPTD Talk on the Investment Landscape and the State of the VC Industry with Oliver von Wolff the CEO of Helion Ventures, and Saeed Al Darmaki the CEO of Sheesha Finance who where a VC enabler to DSRPTD 2022. Read "Investing in Sheesha Finance: All you need to know" here.

DSRPTD 2022 had three follow up gatherings an get-togethers over the three months following DSRPTD 2022 Summit:

As the event that you will be waiting for all year long. DSRPTD 2023 is set to take the whole experience to a totally different shift this year. Stay tuned.

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