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DC Comics, Palm NFT Studio, and Daz3D launches the Bat Cowl Collection Drop in April 2022.

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

“I wear a mask. Not to hide who I am — but to create what I am.” - Batman

Batman is building a faction to defend Gotham. Collect one of 200,000 unique Bat Cowls and unlock a 2+ year roadmap of features, benefits, and value. The Bat Cowl Collection will be integrated into future stories from DC Comics.

Priced at $300 USD

Designed in partnership with DC, Palm NFT Studio, and Daz3D, the Bat Cowl Collection spans 200,000 collectibles, representing 100 different traits and +2BN combinations. Each NFT in the Bat Cowl Collection features a distinct identity and set of traits reflecting the diversity of Batman stories and their passionate fans.

The Bat Cowl Collection represents a first of its kind experience: a large scale generative 3D art collection coupled with unparalleled utility for DC fans, with new features added every 2 months over a 2 year roadmap.

The Bat Cowl Collection includes 200,000 Bat Cowls that will be available for purchase at $300 USD while supplies last.

While account holders may purchase as many Bat Cowl NFTs as they desire, there is a limit to how much a single account may purchase during a given time period.

Purchase limits for each verified DC NFT Account:

Daily: $3,000 USD Weekly: $5,000 USD

Your Bat Cowl will be ready for reveal in May 2022. Once the reveal is ready, you will be able to choose when to unbox your NFT and view your Bat Cowl in your collection.

By purchasing and holding your Bat Cowl in your DC NFT account, you will have an access pass to a new utility every 52 days. Visit for updates as they are revealed.

You will be able to purchase your Bat Cowl starting April 26, 2022.

DC NFTs will be eligible for listing on the DC NFT Universe secondary marketplace starting in May 2022.

You can purchase your Bat Cowl with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card.

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