Bloomberg HT's Ersoy Erkazanci led a DSRPTD Talk on Online Fundraising at DSRPTD 2021

As the UAE's Correspondent for Bloomberg HT, the economy broadcast platform in Turkey. Ersoy is reporting daily financial market news on TV. Responsible for Middle East, Asia Markets and oil prices with experience in asset management, fund industry, both in sell side and buy side, investment consultancy for all investment products, especially equities and ETF's.

Erosy's specialties lie in Mutual and Pension Funds, equties, ETF's

Sustainability and Responsible Investment, ESG, and Climate change.

We were more than happy having him leading the Online Fundraising DSRPTD Talk on stage with Rob Charles the CEO of the award winning Goldfingr the NY based deal club and mastermind social, and Angel Lorente the CEO of Fintech Connector the largest Fintech Network.

DSRPTD 2021 took place on the 25th to the 27th of October in Dubai, UAE, ensuring the maximum return on investment for the participating startups, scaleups, investors, corporates, VCs, and governments. learn more at .

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