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Recycle Plastic - be Fantastic with ChikoRoko.

The ChikoRoko community all over the world just recycled more than 100 kg of plastic during their unique eco-friendly campaign!

The rules were: Participants needed to recycle some plastic, send in a video showing this process, then at the end of the video say,  "Hello Chikoroko", they would then receive a very rare digital collectible toy. This unique idea came to the project team because one of their goals is to build the bridges between physical and digital collecting, and to educate people about why this transition is important.

Producing and collecting plastic toys on such a grand scale, like we are at the present time, has a  harmful effect on the environment and most of the plastic is just dropped into the rubbish bin after purchasing. Collecting digital can make this trend much lower. Going green will not only be beneficial for our environment now, but also for future generations.

The Head of the ChikoRoko community, Eugene, said that he was surprised that so many people among Chikorokers, (fans of ChikoRoko as they call themselves) care so much about the environment. The team are currently preparing new eco-activities connected with different issues.

The most active group was the Portuguese, (Brazil)  - they sent more than 1000 videos from all over the country and added a lot of creativity to them. It was very impressive that some participants included their children, whole families and neighbours for this worthy experience. Some of them even went to the jungle to clean, and collected plastic to help restore creatures' habitats.

Some important statistics:

Recycling a single plastic bottle – like of a bottle of water or Pepsi – can conserve enough energy to power a lightbulb for three hours or more. In fact, one ton of recycled plastic saves over 5,700 Kwh of energy and 23 cubic metres of landfill space.

About ChikoRoko

ChikoRoko is an online platform that offers a unique experience in collecting 3D Art objects. We collaborate with artists and art studios worldwide to create collectible digital characters in the form of a hedgehog and a rabbit

- 800K+ community

- 40K+ users come to claim digital collectable every day

- Hundreds of famous creators already contributed in Chiko&Roko like TokiDoki, Ron English, Zak Minimonster etc

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